Football match predictions based on a computer simulation, predicting match outcomes by percentage. Currently, we only attempt to predict the outcome of the match. Some indicative odds are also given for each match. When the match day concludes, and based on the indicative odds, we are going to calculate how much profit (or loss) we would have, waging the same amount on each match.

In this current version, all matches are treated equal: we don’t try to pick some matches over others, although we might exclude matches as “uncertain”. The concept behind the simulation is to try to predict the result in absolute terms; that is the odds don’t affect our suggestions. This means that the suggestions should be treated as either a confirmation for the favourite teams to win, or to predict the outcome of close matches.*

Any information on this site is of speculative nature and provided for entertainment purposes only.

*   This wasn’t the case for the first 3 match days of this engine’s current incarnation (Premier League 9, 10 and 11) where only odds were taken into account. However, we are going to take into account a combination of both from now on. So, suggestions are going to be both reasonable favourites and favourable odds. You can check more in detail about our algorithm and its versions in our algorithm page.